WFFMMA 16: Blood On The Dance Floor As Open War Sets The Tone

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Blood On The Dance Floor As Open War Sets The Tone

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If you know anything about regional mixed martial arts in the Arizona desert then you need no explanation when it comes to the show that the World Fighting Federation puts on perennially. These cards repeatedly rock venues and bring crowds to their feet with stellar match-making and competition which thrives among rising athletes.

Saturday night was no different as the WFF’s 16th event absolutely stunned Arizona fight fans yet again. It was a perpetual outcome which has become par for the course when it comes to MMA in this hotbed of combat arts throughout the Arizona desert.

The Ovations Live venue of the Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino erupted time and time again as warriors left every ounce of their hearts inside that cage and brought fans to their feet time and time again.

Nicholas Outumuro got the night started off with a bang slapping on a masterful arm triangle on his opponent early in the first round. The Arizona Combat Sports athlete showed no butterflies as he made his MMA debut and became the spark plug which started an epic night of MMA action.

That quick finish was followed up by a dominant performance by Chris Garcia of Maryvale Arizona. Representing RUF Gym Garcia showed great poise as he controlled every aspect of his unanimous decision over Enrique Bejarano. The kid showed the tough nature we’ve come to expect of athletes out of the neighborhood he represents considering it is also the home of UFC title contender John Moraga. His return to the cage can’t come quick enough.

Later yet another Arizona Combat Sports fighter found a finish in his fight as well but he waited until the final moments of the fight to seal the deal. Kyle Kaimiola lost a point early in the fight due to illegal strikes but he pressed on through the rounds though with a solid striking game and did enough to keep the fight at least questionable in his favor. In the end the judges were off the hook when the final ten second warning was issued and he sealed the deal with mere seconds left in the third earning an impressive TKO victory to close out a solid performance.

What followed that fight was a true diamond in the rough when it comes to MMA action. Every once in a while two athletes meet in competition and drive each other to heights they never could have found without one another. Think Griffin vs. Bonnar. Think Liddell vs. Wanderlei. When a special one of a kind athlete meets another like himself in the cage the chemistry is undeniable and it is equally unforgettable.

This explanation simply can’t do justice to the nuclear holocaust that took place when Daniel Trejo of Tucson Arizona took on Daniel Ortiz of Mesa. With only five amateur bouts between them, both with winning records, these two gentlemen took their places in one of the most amazing fights which has ever taken place inside the WFF cage.

There was blood on the dance floor early and chingasos were flying like weapons of mass destruction. But those weapons landed on granite chins backed by hearts of stone. There was not one inch surrendered, not one ounce of hesitance shown, as these two stunning athletes simply wrecked one another for three rounds of memorable all-out war. Having seen thousands of fights this enthusiast had never seen a cage floor need a mop to clean up after a fight. He has now.

It was the type of fight which really requires no winner because the victories earned in their own hearts and minds became invaluable as they learned how they could perform and respond in the heat of a blaze no mortal man could ever endure.

It was an amazing example of resolve and talent that no one present will ever forget. It is the type of fight that anyone who saw will forever hail as one of the greatest they have ever seen at any level of this sport which breeds the greatest of competition. While Daniel Ortiz found his hand raised when the smoke cleared both fighters can walk tall knowing they are more capable of anything they desire than they may ever have known before they met in the middle of that cage. It was a fight of the decade type performance by both athletes. Uncle Thom Ortiz…..rematch please?

In the co-main event of the evening Brandon Moreno and C.J. Soliven met to decide who would emerge champion of the WFFMMA flyweight division. With a vacant title on the line the stakes were high between two fighters who have had impeccable previous performances inside that cage.

C.J. Soliven is a flat out nightmare for any fighter who cages up with him as he shows a seamless mix of aggression and talent when he wages his war against opponents. He is a daunting challenge for athletes willing to dive head first into the fire with him.

That is exactly what Brandon Moreno did. The humble yet dangerous assassin wasted no time as he met him in the middle of the cage. Showing not one ounce of hesitance he attacked and engaged Soliven capitalizing on the smallest of opportunities as he seized the back of the Hawaiian warrior and attaching himself like a backpack to his standing opponent.

Showing true grit and unwavering heart Soliven stayed solid on his feet and refused to tap as Moreno repeatedly tried to lock in the standing rear naked choke. Not one to be denied once he smelled blood the extremely talented Moreno would not relent and slipped the choke under the chin forcing his opponent to finally tapout early in the first round.

It was an impressive performance over a savage fighter for Moreno. The kid was all smiles and extremely proud to be the champion of a division which has seen some amazing fighters pass through its ranks in the WFF. He makes a fine addition the lineage of talent who have worn that strap before him.

In the main event of the evening Jose Carbajal showed up looking to shock the crowd and pry the WFF bantamweight title from the clutches of fan favorite Roman Salazar. Carbajal relentlessly pursued the champion repeatedly pressing him up against the cage fishing for any takedown he could complete in between various striking exchanges.

He went to the well too many times though as the champ was able to use this attack against him and slip a crafty guillotine choke on the challenger late in the first round. The champion was composed and calculated as he dealt out his punishment and waited for his opening. It was yet another example of what Roman Salazar is capable of as both a very technical but equally aggressive fighter who can hypnotize opponents into falling into the trap which is the attack of a man they call El Gallito.

Fight fans in the desert are watching on borrowed time when they see Roman Salazar compete. It is fairly obvious it is just a matter of time before the word of his undeniable talent finds its way to match-makers at the top of the food chain and this young man gets a call that will change his life forever. That call may very well change the landscape of the division at the top of the sport as well.

It was a truly riveting night of MMA action that had the crowd erupting in deafening explosions over and over again. With one more event planned for November the WFF has fans salivating for their return. There were many amazing performances that left powerful impressions and posed many questions with regard to what is next for many of these athletes. The answers can’t come fast enough.

To find out how it unfolds please visit www.wffmma.com to learn more about the World Fighting Federation and their talented athletes.

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