Corrie Ward Showdown Click here to read from the publication source: https://sidelinesapp.com/item/corrie-ward-looking-for-a-showdown-at-wffmma-0628/ The first time Corrie Ward took her corner inside of the World Fighting Federation cage no one was real sure what to expect. Perhaps not even herself. A few impressive moments would come and they would go and Ward would emerge the craftsman of

January 25, 2013 Click here to read from the publication source:  http://www.mmamadhouse.com/world-fighting-federation-returns-tucson-march-2nd-2013/ In the Tucson area mixed martial arts has developed a loyal and extensive fan base. With many high profile fighters training and competing out of the Tucson area, enthusiasts have shown great support for Arizona based MMA athletes at both the local and mainstream