Corrie Ward Looking For A Showdown At WFFMMA 06/28

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Corrie Ward Showdown

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The first time Corrie Ward took her corner inside of the World Fighting Federation cage no one was real sure what to expect. Perhaps not even herself. A few impressive moments would come and they would go and Ward would emerge the craftsman of a memorable mixed martial arts performance.

She dominated her opponent in decisive fashion and battered her all the way to a stoppage in her MMA debut. When her business was finished she exited the cage with a better understanding of who she was as an athlete, as a fighter, as a human being.

As a fan and enthusiast sitting cageside there is something very special about witnessing the first steps, the first victories, and even the first struggles of certain fighters. If this fighter is everything they believe they are, or their camp expects them to be, fans could very well be witnessing the first steps of what could become a successful if not legendary career.

The regional fight game, and even more so, the amateur fight game is where the future is being built today. It is fighters like Corrie Ward who represent the potential for tomorrow. So to hear her talk about her MMA debut, and more importantly her next bout, it is refreshing to hear her poise, her confidence, and her determination to capture this sport and make it her own.

No stranger to success as an athlete Ward has a collegiate softball background which has prepared her both physically and mentally to continue competing in this new forum. She recently talked about how her experience between the lines of a softball diamond prepared her for her aspirations inside the cold chain link of an MMA cage.

Ward explained, “My background in softball has made me disciplined. As a softball pitcher I was the leader of the team and was put under pressure to do well. I think that probably plays a part in being calm while in the cage. I work well under pressure.”

Speaking of pressure Ward is taking a drastic leap up in competition for her second MMA fight. With full confidence she has signed on the line to take on Arizona amateur female Shasta McMurray. McMurray played her role in one of the WFF’s all-time single most exciting match-ups proving that while she is very technical that she is also prepared for war. Ward is hoping for the latter come fight night.

All of that being said Ward is stepping up to the plate and ready to swing for the fences against McMurray. McMurray’s resume poses no intimidation factor or concern for Ward to hear her tell it.

Ward pulls no punches and has no problem being frank when she says, “I’m not sure well versed is how I would describe this girl. I think she’s a boring fighter who gets too content. Her experience means nothing too me because she hasn’t done anything notable.”

Like many fighters who take their place inside the cage Ward is far less concerned about what Shasta brings to the table than she is prepared to show what she herself brings to the equation on fight night.

Ward talked about her preparation and progression in the gym at Boxing Inc. in Tucson AZ. “My coaching doesn’t get much better. Chad Dietmeyer and I work well together. It’s a good fit as far as a coach and his fighter goes. We work off each other’s style and alter things based on what works. I drill with other fighters at the gym to work with different techniques and styles of fighting. This camp was about gunslinging, and that’s what everyone will see on Saturday.”

Ward will bring a significant reach advantage into the cage with her on Saturday night at the WFF and if she plays her cards right she may just dictate the pace of this fight. Surely Shasta McMurray has some plans of her own on how to deal with the likes of Ward but that is of course the beauty of it all isn’t it?

Two determined athletes who believe heavily in their preparation and training are going to clash in the center of the WFF cage and the results will be a true pleasure to watch unfold.

It truly is an honor to sit back as a fan of the savage science and watch rising amateurs like Ward and McMurray cut their teeth while we have the absolute privilege of looking on. Regardless of the outcome both of these athletes have the makings of a many promising years of MMA ahead of them.

Don’t miss your chance to see Corrie Ward take her next steps inside an MMA cage. The certainly will not be her last.

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